Entrepreneurs Circle events hold legendary status amongst those lucky enough to have attended in the past.

We run two main types of event:

1. Celebrity Success Summits - the premier business events in the UK.

2. Advanced Masterclasses - run by EC founder Nigel Botterill, these are advanced sessions for advanced entrepreneurs.

Get all the details on our events below:


Celebrity Success Summits

These are premier events for businesses in the UK, setting world-class standards for content, substance and guest experience.

There are four Celebrity Success Summits a year, each filled with cutting edge insights, ideas and breakthrough strategies that you can implement in your business.

These events are where you’ll find the inspiration, motivation and latest & greatest marketing strategies & tactics to help move your business significantly forward.

PLUS… it’s also where you’ll get to meet and spend proper time with major, top-drawer celebrities who each have wisdom and experience to share (in large amounts!).

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Advanced Masterclasses

These are advanced training sessions for advanced business owners.

There’s zero fluff, puff or ‘theory’. These are in-depth, two-day events where EC founder Nigel Botterill goes deep on a particular topic, strategy or principle that will have a BIG impact on your business.

These events are created exclusively for business owners and cover topics ranging from how entrepreneurs can better manage their time and productivity to how to attract wealthier customers for whom price is never an issue.

If you’re an ambitious business owner – these are the events for you.

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